2.5 times as many people in the US watch soccer than golf

Some interesting facts and figures from SportBusiness this morning:

Sports network ESPN said the USA’s 1-1 draw with England in its opening game of the World Cup was the most-watched game for a national soccer team since 1994.

The match, shown on ABC, averaged 13 million viewers and attracted the biggest US audience for any game at the tournament in South Africa so far, according to Bloomberg. [1]

Compare this to golf, with:

The first round of this year’s US Masters golf tournament drew the biggest audience for a golf event in US cable television history last Thursday as Tiger Woods returned to the sport after nearly five months.

Bloomberg reports that an average 4.94 million viewers watched on ESPN, beating the previous record of 4.76 million for the 2008 US Open playoff between Woods and Rocco Mediate. [2]


One would have thought that golf is a far bigger sport in the US than ‘soccer’, but apparently not – these figures show that 2.5 times as many people in the US watch soccer than golf.






1 thought on “2.5 times as many people in the US watch soccer than golf

  1. Those are interesting stats Bradley, but I think there’s a bit more at play here than just soccer vs golf. The particular match that you are referring to has been hyped in all the media that I’ve seen for a while, and you have to admit that the whole "USA" vs the old colony does have a big pulling power.. I doubt the audience for the football game would have been as big had it been say USA vs Greece… Just a thought, use it, don’t use it 🙂

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