2010 favourites


Here is a summary of some of the best parts of 2010.

Favourite new gadget

I still think homeplugs are the best gadget for home. They are much more reliable than wireless, and feel quicker. They can’t win the 2010 award because I’ve had them for a few years now.

Best new purchase of the year was a new A3 network printer for home. The quality is so good that I’ve stopped using Photobox, and just print from home using original Brother inks on Photo Paper Direct (pearl) paper.

Favourite book

Future Files by Richard Watson. I’ve bought probably half a dozen times for different people, and bored many dinner crowds by talking about the future of education, consumer brands and commerce.

Favourite iPhone app

Perhaps Facebook in terms of usage, but definitely Evernote for random note taking whether its text, photo or anything else. And it syncs with the computer application and website.

Close second place is the BTFON app, which allows BT Broadband customers to connect to Openzone Wifi without needing to manually sign in all the time. Special mention to the eBay selling app which creates a listing in under 30 seconds – by far the best user experience on a mobile app.

Favourite award

Coming 16th in the New Media Age Top 100 Interactive Agencies award was a great milestone for Endava and makes me extremely proud of the team.

4 thoughts on “2010 favourites

  1. How about:Favorite website?Favorite piece of industry news this year?Favorite ad campaign?Favorite YouTube video?

  2. @Larry,Favourite website is too vague – I probably visit the BBC News site every day on a mobile and desktop and find it excellent to use. However it’s hardly the most creative design. I would also end up being too biased towards our clients’ websites!Industry news – ouch that’s a difficult one. Probably Wired magazine’s ‘<a href="http://www.wired.com/magazine/2010/08/ff_webrip/">Death of the website</a>’ which spawned huge debate in the industry and got thought leaders talking about it. Personally I disagree with it for large brands, who will need to own data.Ad campaign – am I allowed to say <a href="www.spotsvstripes.com">Spots V Stripes</a>? Otherwise it’s either John Lewis (emotional), M&S Christmas (brilliant) or the recent Ford C-Max (brilliant CGI).YouTube video – <a href="http://www.youtube.com/user/tippexperience">Tipp-Ex</a&gt;, <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u4LVEAiZJyg"600 years</a> or on a personal note, the <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=85A7ZRcSmEI">superbike battle</a>.

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