Double the length of your iPhone battery


Totally fed up with my iPhone battery lasting until mid afternoon after a full night’s charge, I started playing around with some settings. After a few weeks I’ve managed to get the battery to last….wait for the suspense….until late in the evening.

To do this, I turned Push email OFF, and set the phone to check my email hourly. Hourly? I know what you’re thinking, but hear me out…

It usually doesn’t matter if you push email to the iPhone – there’s no new email notification when the phone is in standby (i.e. when the screen is off) anyway. And if you’re like me and mainly use the phone for email, each time you switch the phone back on (to check if there are new emails), the email application will be open, and the phone instantly starts checking for new emails.

For the small price of 5 seconds for the phone to check for new emails when I switch it on each time, I’ve doubled the battery life.

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