Weeknote #1 – losing weight and launching a new chocolate bar

Weeknotes seem to be the new compromise between micro-blogging (aka Twitter) and full on blogging. Take a look at Weeknote – it’s quite a neat site if you have something to say but don’t want to be constrained to 140 characters.

Marc Holmes and others have started adopting a nice approach to their blogs, by including a weeknote every errrrrr…. seven days, so I thought I’d try it too. So here goes for the last week:

  • Launched The Race Season on SpotsVStripes – a new campaign as part of Cadbury’s sponsorship of London 2012. A very addictive set of Flash games. And a new chocolate bar (the Race Bar – try it and let me know what you think). Here’s the TV advert:
  • Found an excellent new utility for capturing tall web pages as images.
  • On a personal note – last week was officially the first time it cost more than £20 to fill up my motorbike. I’m not complaining too much, considering a bottle of water at Euston station costs £1.50 (that’s 20p more per litre than petrol).
  • Using Timely more and more for writing loads of tweets in one session, then letting them ‘go live’ over the course of the week.
  • Finished reading Lord Sugar’s auto-biography, loving virtually every word of it. Worst of all, I didn’t have another book ready to start reading, so I’m back to the Metro each day. Another reason to use the bike more!
  • Read a couple of good articles – one which said that in the US most Internet shoppers are pretty affluent; the second is debating whether we’re in a second dotcom bubble.
  • I got my data back from a faulty hard disk.
  • Learnt what the word undecillion means during a session on IPv6. (10 to the power of 36).
  • A fair amount of cycle rides (two sessions of 20+ miles) and a 2.5 run around the block. All in the aim of completing this year’s London to Brighton quicker than last year and being a stone lighter at the same time.
  • Watched that match

0 thoughts on “Weeknote #1 – losing weight and launching a new chocolate bar

  1. Hi Bradley. Was planning to visit the TFM&A exhibition today and noticed you did a presentation yesterday. Why didn’t you say that you were presenting, and I would have gone to the event yesterday instead? Even better, why don’t you have a list of events where you are speaking at? Regards, Brian

  2. Hi Brian, good idea on the list of speaking events. I will create a separate page to list them. Thanks for the feedback.

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