Apple & Facebook’s staggering results

We keep hearing stories about young people leaving Facebook in their droves. And how consumers are buying Android phones in multiples to Apple. Or how China’s growth is stuttering.

Don’t believe the hype.

Facebook and Apple have released their quarterly results, and both are staggering.

Fantastic Facebook

Yes, I'm sure Facebook investors do like the recent news
Yes, I’m sure Facebook investors do like the recent news

Revenues were up 74% at $2.5bn (revenue from mobile now account for 59% of this).

Profits tripled from $219m to $642m.

Active monthly users were up 15% at 1.3 billion, and again – a billion of those use their mobile to access Facebook.

Over 800 million users access Facebook everyday! Try naming another company whose users electively access their service daily.


Revenues from Apple grew 5% to $45.6bn, despite no really significant product launch in the last quarter.

iPhone sales grew by a whopping 17% to 43.7m. Apple still have margins of 39.3%, so these devices are not being sold through cut price sales.

iPad sales declined 16% to 16m – there are a number of theories for this (Android tablets are a third of the price; users questioning whether they really need a tablet; perhaps a household buys a tablet, where individuals buy iPhones).

Sales in China are still growing at a healthy 5% per quarter – now $9.3bn.

Whilst iPod sales are falling over 50% per quarter, Apple still sold over 2.5 million of them last quarter, generating $461 million in sales, one tenth of the revenue Apple generates from iTunes and it’s software products.

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