Billion Dollar-o-Gram Infographic

Billion Dollar o Gram 2013One of my favourite websites, Information is Beautiful, has released the 2013 version of their Billion Dollar-o-Gram infographic.

The information is fully backed up by sources.

Some key, staggering highlights:

  • The Worldwide TV industry is worth 3/5ths the value of Apple
  • Nice to see that humanity spends over 3 times as much on healthcare as military (I would have feared it would be the opposite way round)
  • The Illegal drugs market is worth 3/5ths of the cost of the war on drugs
  • OPEC revenue is ‘only’ twice as much as Apple’s capitalisation
  • Apple’s capitalisation ($500bn) is just short of Microsoft, Google and Amazon combined ($524bn)
  • The money spent on the Global Financial Crisis could have ended extreme poverty four times over (and still had money left over to triple the charitable donations by the US public)
  • The global gambling market is worth only slightly less than the worldwide global revenue from cannabis
  • Apple’s capitalisation is just short of the value of the worldwide global Beer market (in 2015)!

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