Census completed


Last night I completed the census form online. If you haven’t filled in the census yet, I recommend completing it online because it will be a much quicker experience. No worrying about conditional questions such as ‘Now skip to question 7’.

The website is fast, and although I didn’t need them, there are helpful ‘bubbles’ on each questions.

Despite having many children, and the census needs to be completed for each one, the entire process took less than 10 minutes.

Well done to the Information Architect(s) and whoever implemented the website.

The next stage is voting. Why can’t we vote online? The census felt very secure (long PIN number to enter the site and SSL throughout the site). It’s 2011 – half the country should be voting online and via mobiles by now.

The next step after online voting is micro-voting. Richard Watson described this in his book, where citizens constantly vote on detailed topics. E.g. should the UK be involved in Libya? 

The step after that is where citizens of one country are able to vote on international issues – such as an English person voting on whether the US should be involved in Libya.

The technology is already here – as the census proves. Politics needs to catch up with the technology.


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