Facebook A/B testing and barriers to entry


Photo from 8ball.

I’m regularly being asked about the conversion stats for User Generated Content and the barriers to entry/what prevents users from uploading content.

Here’s an amazing article from Facebook which discusses A/B testing and their barriers to entry.

The highlights:

  • Out of 100 people that try to upload a photo to Facebook: 
    89% reach the starting point – the photo uploader. 
    58% select the photos they want to upload. 
    57% actually press the upload button. 
    54% succeed in uploading photos in one shot. 
    70% of people eventually succeed by the end of the day.
  • The last time Mosseri gave the talk, only 48% of people succeeded in uploading photos in one shot.
  • There is incredible anxiety for users in updating their status: 
    Out of users that enter three or more characters into the status update box, 17% don’t post anything at all.
  • “That’s one in six people who attempt to post something but don’t,” said Mosseri. “That’s pretty crazy.”
  • There are “way more people using Facebook on feature phones than smartphones,” but those using smartphones are “way more engaged.”

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