Flipkart’s Unique Selling Point


Following yesterday’s article about Tencent and the wider concept of looking at the Internet outside of Europe and the US, thanks to one RSS subscriber who contacted me about Flipkart, an Indian e-commerce site which offers a unique Cash-on-Delivery payment option on top of the usual payment options including its own digital wallet. 

Cash-on-Delivery is an excellent option for a country where a relatively small percentage of the population have bank accounts although I’m not sure how Flipkart gets around the cancellation-on-the-doorstep, or convincing delivery companies to collect cash.

Flipkart doesn’t publish any revenue figures, and in its company information it states that it had $31m of funding.

Flipkart is targeting customer service as its USP. 2,500 staff work across 24×7 customer service, and its own supply chain – warehouses, distribution centres across 13 cities.

If I were starting a new Internet business at the moment, I’d definitely be researching sites beyond Europe and the US for some best practices and new ideas.

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