Four reasons for being so busy


At the end of 2011 I gave a presentation to some of our customers and on the last slide I pointed out four key Digital Media trends for 2012 that my team could foresee. They are:

  • Mobile – even the most traditional of corporates will recognise the impact of mobile technologies in 2012 and need to update their systems and interfaces
  • Creative agencies – we are seeing a trend for organisations to use multiple front end agencies to create some ‘healthy tension’
  • Closer collaboration between non-competing brands – sharing data, joint projects and so forth
  • The wider economy would see two halves to 2012 – the months leading up to the Olympics will be upbeat (“What recession?”), and the months afterwards will depend on the prior investment

It’s only the end of March (where did the first three months of the year go?????) and little did I realise how correct our predictions would be. Our customers have been pushing for both tactical (short term) and strategic (long term) solutions to all of the points above, and this has led to a very busy time at work.

Hence this site hasn’t seen a lot of new content recently – I’ve either lost my weekends recently, or wanted to stay as far away from a computer as possible!

I write these blog posts in batches and use a timing function to release the articles, so I can guarantee the next couple of weeks you will see a lot of new articles.

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