Google Glasses will destroy trust between people

I’ve heard so much buzz recently surrounding Google Glasses that you’d have thought they were being released tomorrow.

I think that Google Glasses will have a profound effect on society as we know it, which will make the smartphone pale in comparison.

If Google Glasses becomes widely used, and we use them to check email, maps and phone calls, we’ll rarely need to remove them from our heads.

The most profound effect will come from the forward facing camera.

Imagine you have a business meeting with a new person for the first time, and one or both of you are wearing Google Glasses. It will be the social equivalent of putting a voice recorder on the desk. If one or both of you are wearing Google Glasses, you’ll both be concerned that the other party is recording the meeting, so you’ll both be extra careful about what is said.

The defence of this is that you should always be careful of what is said, and that like so many recorded situations, if you’re not guilty of anything there’s nothing to be wary of… I don’t care how many video cameras there are in the High Street because I don’t have a criminal record, so I have nothing to fear.

However if you’re in a meeting with someone, whether it’s a colleague, client or supplier, and you know the person facing you might be recording the conversation through their glasses, I don’t think you’ll be able to strike the same emotional ‘trust’ as someone without the glasses.

Etiquette used to dictate that people didn’t use their phones at a dinner table. Now it’s common place – and not just with teenagers and children.

We may start seeing locations where the glasses are forbidden, which is strange to think about considering they haven’t been released yet.

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