Happy Birthday post


This blog has now been going for a year, so I thought I’d share some of the readership statistics with you.

Between 18 January 2010 and 17 January 2011, there have been:

  • 133 posts 
  • 2,556 visitors come along
  • 3,723 page views on the site

In terms of geography, it pretty much matches where we have current and former colleagues, clients, suppliers and friends:


It’s interesting to note that colleagues in Romania and Moldova spend the longest reading articles whereas colleagues in the US are either put off straight away, or read very quickly (quicker than the UK)!

The most popular article of the year was a review on Yammer where 300 people read the review – well above the daily average. Talking of the daily average, this has been steadily growing from nothing at the start of the blog to a steady 20-30 visits a day now.

These figures don’t include the RSS feed readers or search engines which keep crawling the site.

A huge thank you to everyone who reads the blog (that includes you!).

My aims for 2011/2 are to double the traffic and have more people commenting. If you have any recommendations or articles you’d like to see, please let me know by adding a comment below or contacting me directly.

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