Heinz personalisation


I am always surprised about how I seem to learn a new buzzword or new type of technology that I’ve never heard before, and then I seem to hear it several times in the next couple of days.

I started reading about personalised labels in the middle of last week. I’d like to say that it was in depth industry research however the truth is that an article about ‘Get Well Soon’ soup in the NMA news feed caught my eye because Mrs H was feeling rather poorly last week. The warm weather has subsided and it seems half of Britain has caught a cold, Mrs H falling into this category.

So I thought I’d be nice and order a personalised soup for her. The Facebook app and checkout process was super slick, although one particular issue knocks out the entire campaign logic – it takes 4 days for the soup to arrive in the post, by which time Mrs H’s cold had (thankfully) cleared up and I suspect most people’s colds are gone by 4 days plus a Sunday to make it 5 days for delivery.

One other minor observation – although I doubt most other consumers would notice – is that the agency who have implemented the campaign, We Are Social, are branded on all emails, and part of the checkout process.

Anyway, I ordered the soup on Wednesday and it arrived on Monday. Mrs H’s cold had all but gone by Monday but she thought it was a nice surprise getting the personalised soup in the post. Will we eat it? Probably not, but it looks really good in the kitchen.

I’d never bought a mass produced, personalised food product like this before Wednesday however on Friday I was asked by a customer about personalised labels and again on Monday and Tuesday by other clients!

To finish, on Monday I was in a totally unrelated meeting when the prospective customer said that they print personalised labels for a variety of customers. This was completely unprompted, at which point I started to laugh at the coincidence of the last few days!

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