How our children will use/are using Social Media

This video is 6 months old now, however it serves to show how children and teenagers want to use Social Networking compared to adults (say, over 25). As an adult can appear concerning, however if you look through the concern, watch how the the teenagers use Facebook. I strongly recommend you watch the whole video before reading on…

Although the Coca Cola village was filmed in Israel last year, you get the feeling it’s a bit futuristic, because we’re not used to seeing RFID tags as commonplace. However one shoe manufacturer has now produced a shoe with an RFID chip built in. Watch the video soon, because the video has been made password protected on other video sharing sites.

Facebook and Google are already reporting that huge numbers of users are moving away from computers to mobiles to use their websites. In the short to medium term future, don’t expect to have to reach into your pocket to “check in” to social networks – it will be done using your clothes. 

4 thoughts on “How our children will use/are using Social Media

  1. Alan – no I don’t think we should be worried. Technology shifts like this are usually concerning at first, and then we get used to them. Real World interfaces which automatically "check in" and/or update statuses are a natural evolution of other websites updating social network statuses.

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