How Shazam is helping brands and broadcasters

This week we held our annual Endava Digital Media Supplier and Partner event, where we invite all our suppliers and customers together, to show some case studies and for suppliers to demonstrate their latest products and roadmaps.

There are always a number of interesting facts and trends that are discussed by each of the presenters, and I’ll cover some of them in the next few days.

One of the key case studies this year was from Drum, who we’ve been working with on some recent Cadbury projects.

Drum presented some Shazam case studies, which are particularly interesting to us because we’ve been working with Shazam already, and I already love their mobile app.

Shazam have been well known for a while for their music recognition service. You point your phone at a speaker for a few seconds, and a few seconds later you either receive a text message or an App alert to tell you exactly what the piece of music was.

Shazam are now helping brands with TV advertising by providing a second screen experience. So while you’re watching a TV advert, when the Shazam icon appears you point your phone at the screen and very quickly, you’ll get ‘extra features’ from the TV ad. It might be a competition, or a game.

This is one of the main reasons sport is so valuable to TV broadcasters. Almost all other types of show can be recorded, and users can fast forward through the adverts. However most people want to watch sport live, which means watching the adverts in ‘real time’. 

NBC have taken Shazam into the actual TV production process. As the video below demonstrates, when a users Shazams a snowboarding show, they saw any extra first person view of the snowboard run in their mobile providing an excellent experience.

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