How to get help with online marketing for small businesses


Last week I was invited to a networking event hosted by Rob Tyson of The Tyson Report and Triberr.

As regular readers will know, I am interested in small UK businesses, mainly because my grandfather started a small shop in Camberwell shortly after the war, which my dad looked after until retiring some five years ago.

I’m acutely aware that small businesses need as much help they can get, and in some ways the Internet has created a level playing field, but small businesses struggle with the complexities of the Internet and it takes too much time to research the necessary material.

Step forward Rob Tyson. Rob has created a subscription based website which helps small businesses understand the nuances of Web marketing.

His website is based on a freemium model – a lot of content is free, the first month costs £1 and thereafter it’s £19 a month.

I spoke to Rob at the event, not for as long as I’d like because there were lots of others there, and he seems a genuine guy who wants to help small businesses. I asked him what his long term plans are, and whether he would help large companies, and he said that he wants to focus just on smaller companies at the moment – usually less than a dozen people, running a business as well as a website.

At the networking event was a wedding photographer who has reduced his marketing spend (at one point he was spending 50% of his revenue on marketing) through Rob and a charming lady who is setting up a London tour guide business and needs help promoting it online.

I’ve read Rob’s blog, and it’s straight up, direct content. There’s no fluff, and something to take away from every post.

If you’re a small business, I recommend following Rob on Twitter and taking a look at his site.


4 thoughts on “How to get help with online marketing for small businesses

  1. Hi Brad, great to meet you the other day and really appreciate the write-up, thank you.As you point out, the internet does have the potential to level the playing field for small businesses (and they recognise this themselves) but I know that lots of them find the prospect of marketing through the internet confusing, if not to say a little intimidating.So The Tyson Report is very much focused on beginner-friendly advice and support, with a step-by-step approach. In many ways, there has never been a better time to start a business because we are blessed with opportunity through the internet and the power of the online tools at our disposal is phenomenal – the challenge is to give business owners the knowledge and confidence to start taking advantage of these amazing opportunities.

  2. Internet is the best way to promote a small business and to increase business presence so online marketing is one of the way for doing this . This is is very nice and informative post.

  3. It is very effective to have online marketing instead of door to door marketing as this will help to make people know more about your business and there are social media sites that will bring you more traffic on your site and business. And small business mostly needs good marketing to grow.

  4. Online marketing is finest way to highlight your business, if you use internet marketing strategies properly so you can get lots of visitors.

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