Making Google Analytics easier to use

Instant analytics dashboard through the Google Analytics Chrome extension
Instant page analytics dashboard via the Google Analytics Chrome extension

If you use Google Analytics to measure the number of visitors to your website, you will love the new Google Chrome toolbar add-on. And if you have multiple sites, it will make your job even easier.

The Chrome Extension sits quietly while you browse, until you visit a site of which you have access to the analytics. At this point, a dashboard at the top of the browser window shows various page stats. You can also minimise these stats to just display real-time information for each page.

There are also ‘annotations’ over hyperlinks to show the percentage of users which clicked on each hyperlink, and there’s a setting which colour codes all hyperlinks to quickly show the most popular links.

The extension is free of charge, and from what I’ve seen from the first few days usage, it’s well worth installing if you usually use Chrome and Google Analytics.

To download the Chrome Extension, visit the Chrome Store.

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