Mary Meeker’s 2019 Internet Trends Report

Mary Meeker’s latest annual Internet trends report has been released, and it’s as insightful as always.

New sections for this year include:

  • A new section on the ethics of data usage and regulation
  • Interesting sections on healthcare (expenditure by country, and their focus on preventable deaths); and China (the move from manufacturing, and the totally different user experiences, such as live streaming for ecommerce)
  • New section on education – US university enrolments falling, with online increasing

Here are my highlights (aka abbreviated research notes):

  • Slide 25: [USA-based] advertising purchasing is moving to Amazon/ Twitter/ Pinterest (basically, moving from Facebook or Google at a quicker amount than they are growing)
  • Slide 28 & 29: Balancing Customer acquisition cost with Life Time Value!!
  • Slide 32: Drive conversion from freemium (Spotify & Zoom), rather than seeking new customers
  • #51: Echo devices doubled last year to 47M. There are now 90,000+ skills for Alexa. Why? How are they promoted?

  • #86: We’ve come full circle from pictures, to text, back to pictures! “We are reverting back to what is most natural” (aka we’re becoming cave men again)
  • #90: Fortnite releases a weekly major update… on a cross-platform user base of around 250M players
  • #162: Well being and limiting screen time. Almost two thirds of USA adults try to limit smartphone use. Whenever we see “try to limit…” – this is an addiction. The next slide shows how top tech companies are helping owners with the addiction
  • #176: 43% of people get their news headlines from Facebook (What!?!%$!)
  • On cyber security: #209: Edge security – two factor authentication is great, but not being used by users. We need to get people weaned off passwords; #210: Core attacks – becoming more sophisticated, with more user records stolen (now 447M in 2018, up from 198M). Now becoming state sponsored.
  • #222: 5% of restaurants sales are delivered (BIG opportunity here)
  • #226: 47% of gig workers used to be unemployed
  • #229: Still only 5% of workers are remote (this will rise… again a BIG opportunity heree)
  • #251: 4.5BN hours are watched on YouTube for How -To videos

The full version of Mary Meeker’s latest annual Internet trends report is here:

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