More people working from home


One of the things I like about Endava is the working from home culture. There’s an understanding that some roles and people are able to be done from home just as well as from the office.

And it seems that Endava isn’t alone. More people are working from home now than ever. According to one estate agent, they have seen a fivefold increase in requests for demand for homes with a workspace in the last five years. Not all people who work from home require a dedicated workspace, so I think that fivefold increase in homeworkers is a small percentage.

According to the ONS, 2.43 million people now run a business from home, which is a 28% increase between 2001 and 2011. The number of commuting employees rose by 1.5% to 24 million. I’d be interested to see the missing, middle figure here – of employees working from home.

The Internet and mobile telephony has fundamentally changed the ability to work from home. It has given us the tools to work remotely sometimes more efficiently than the office.


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