This week’s news: BT, Sir Alex, Waze and Shazam

BT SportIt’s been a really busy week at work, so here are my favourite links and stories of the week.

BT is offering free Premiership games on BT Sport channels to existing broadband customers. The Premiership rights cost BT £246m per season (and this excludes the production and marketing costs), so it’s a brave move by BT to bundle them for ‘free’.

This article from Harvard was my favourite article regarding Sir Alex Ferguson retiring.

A huge congratulations to my friends at Waze, which I’ve mentioned on this blog before. Facebook (and maybe Apple) appear to be in talks to buy Waze, one of the first crowd-sourced mapping applications, for a mere $1bn.

And while we’re talking about $1 billion, Shazam’s new Chief Executive has announced he wants Shazam to float for a billion. Last year Shazam had revenues of £21.8m and has never made a profit.

Bubble? What bubble?

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