One way to liven up your running/ cycling during lockdown (beware, it’s addictive)

I really enjoy running but keeping all my running so localised during lockdown can be monotonous.

Here’s one answer: run every street, or as the founder called it, every single street.

The aim is simple – try and run all the streets in your local area, town or city. Instead of running you could skateboard or cycle the routes, or even walk them (but that would take a very long time).

We have lived in our house for more than 15 years. In my first week of running every street I have kept within a mile radius of my house, and I have never been to most of the roads I have “completed” within that mile!

Smile and wave boys, smile and wave
Smile and wave boys: It will help when you go running

Some words of advice:

  1. You will get some weird looks from people in cul-de-sacs (dead end roads) when you run into the street and back again. Just smile and wave boys, smile and wave.
  2. You will be solving a mathematic puzzle called the (Chinese) Postman Problem. Put simply, it’s difficult to run lots of streets in a town using an efficient route. Americans with grid layouts will be at an advantage here.
  3. It will require lots of concentration. It is difficult to listen to music or a podcast while running an efficient route!
  4. There are several apps to help you with the challenge. Start with Strava or Garmin and then link Heatflask, CityStrides or StreetFerret. Of course you can use a highlighter and an old fashioned paper map (I’d recommend a folding one rather than book format).

Here’s some more inspiration for you: running every single street in San Fransisco:

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