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Here are some of my favourite, and indeed the most popular pages on the blog:

Internet of Things

I’ve written several popular articles on Insurance and the IoT (Internet of Things) including The Insurance Industry and the Need for Innovation and the Internet of Things and Insurance.

Trend reports

I’ve spoken about 5 specific trends in the digital media space for several years, so I decided to write them down in 5 specific posts. I often refer back to them in later articles. The topics are:

  1. Nanopayments – paying tiny amounts of money for digital content and other items will become very important in the future. How will our children will pay for Internet goods in years to come?
  2. Real money – the advertising and marketing bubble. Why we need to sell real stuff.
  3. Knowing customers – why big data needs human support and we need big data to support us.
  4. Browsers are too basic – why I think we’ll be looking at the Internet through a 3D environment in years to come.
  5. Trust – I’m passionate about Internet identity – for proving both sides of an Internet transaction. It’s just as important to prove who wrote a user-generated comment, as a financial transaction.

Digital Trends and Predictions

Every January I make a few predictions for digital technologies in the forthcoming year and then review them at the end of December.

The latest technology trends include open banking and ghost restaurant, among several others. I reviewed (and scored) my 2019 trends here.

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