Reading list for 12 October 2015

Kids playing cards
Yes you can play cards on an iPad, but kids don’t enjoy it as much as the real game

In between all these links I’m currently reading LEAN Enterprise – I’ll provide a full review if/ when I manage to finish it.

In the meantime, here are some of the more interesting links I’ve visited over the last week:

Mobile leads first half digital ad surge| – Ad spend on mobiles increased 51% to £1.08bn during the first half of 2015. Is it a bubble or a natural trend?

IoT: Insurers Threatened by Everyone Except Other Insurers – I’ve been doing a lot of research on IoT (Internet of Things) in the insurance industry for our clients during the last fortnight and I’m able to share much of the information.

Accelerated Mobile Pages Project – Google have released a significantly cut down version of HTML for mobile browsers, to enable pages to load more quickly. When I say “Google have released“, what I mean is “Google now demand HTML v1.0 for mobile web sites“.

Young Malaysians are especially bored| – A thoroughly depressing yet big wake up call to parents who think an iPad can stimulate a child rather than a conversation or physical activity.

Gartner’s top 10 strategic technologies for 2016 | Information Age – – I’ve been promoting many of these technologies in my annual predictions. If you don’t believe me, believe Gartner.

Internet of Things: Opportunities and Challenges – OpenMind – predictions

Amazon bans the sale of Chromecast and Apple TV streaming devices – This is why monopolies are bad for business. Amazon, the World’s biggest online retailer is going to stop selling some competitor services. Is it a publicity stunt?

Finextra: Finextra news: $30 million spent on Samsung Pay in first month – Clearly South Koreans are happy to use their Samsung phones for payments

Digital Marketing Transit Map | Gartner Digital Marketing – a really great technology graphic from Gartner. Their site was down when I was writing this article, but it’s worth taking a look.

The Financial Services Club’s Blog: Banks have time, but is time on our side? – A nice article questioning the media crying “doom and gloom” in the Financial Services sector. At the end of the day, banks enjoy almost unrivalled loyalty, and the new challenger banks are going to have to work very hard to erode.

All change again at Zimbra/Telligent as both are acquired | MWD… – I’m delighted to hear Telligent have revised their licensing model under new ownership.

A pleas to agencies: let designers get back to designing – This article applies as much to software developers and testers as designers. Why do organisational management models in 2015 require decent developers (or in this article, designers) to leave their core skills in order to advance their career?

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