Reading list for June

The latest Marketplace Innovation report
The latest Marketplace Innovation report is available on Slideshare

During the last couple of weeks I’ve been working with clients across different industries – a key advantage for these clients, and something I love about my job.

It’s also been London Technology Week – a series of events showcasing you guessed it, Technology in London’s firms, including a great event at Goldman Sachs.

As well as these links I’m midway through reading Talk Like TED by Carmine Gallo which is easy to read and proven quite useful so far, although it would score high on the American cheesiness scale.

Here’s what I’ve been reading:

Marketplace Innovation Report | Q3, 2015 – Together with my colleague Martin Smith, we’ve produced the latest (8th edition) cross-industry report on technology innovation. Please do get in contact if you have suggestions for future ideas, or you’d like Martin and I to present at your workplace
Finextra: Finextra video:Trends,challenges and the digital agenda for banks – I agree with what Sam Roddick has to say in this video, except banks probably won’t like to hear they are heading for a utilitarian future
Finextra: Finextra blog: Digital Bank or FinTech? Sorry, you’re not a Digital Bank – the Digital Scorecard in this article applies to organisations in most industries, not just banks
Buffer Revenue Dashboard – Baremetrics – It takes a brave organisation to put their revenue, churn rate, ARPU, cancellations – and the whole shebang, online. I’d like to know the [tiny] percentage of companies which can produce this type of real-time dashboard even internally!
Satya Nadella email to employees on aligning engineering to strategy | News Center – A welcome corporate update from Microsoft’s CEO. I’m delighted for Britain’s Scott Guthrie who received a promotion – I first met some ten years ago and was super impressed straight away
Tesco and Unilever launch their biggest trial of iBeacons | The Retail Bulletin, Retail News – I’d like to see the results of the ‘trial’, because if all people want is an ice cream, having Bluetooth enabled and then downloading an app seems a high barrier to entry
11 best Google Cardboard apps 2015 UK – Test Centre – PC Advisor – I love Google Cardboard. My colleagues, friends and family seem to prefer it to Glass too. Here are some great apps to download as soon as you buy it.
Tibado – I was on a CSFI panel with Tibado last week. Tibado is digital cash – not a crypto-currency, but a replacement for paper (and metal) money
FarmVille Facebook app usage metrics and charts – Staggering. I used this for some research at the CSFI Tibado panel
The Psychology of Freemium – the author of this interesting report contacted me because of my previous articles on Freemium. Definitely worth taking a look
Behavioural economics is effective | – “Good advertising people are instinctive behavioural scientists” – I 100% agree, and I love some of the examples in this piece such as “designated driver.”
Finextra: Finextra news: PayPal brings One Touch for the Web to UK and Canada – I think one touch purchasing is great (except when Mrs H becomes a mass consumer) to minimise cart abandonment. Interesting how PayPal are adopting it
Ethereum London (London, England) – Meetup – I was going to go, but now I’m travelling to the US for the FST conference instead. I’ll go to the next Etherum Meetup
101 Best Email Subject Lines of 2014 (…and our 10 worst!) – We can all learn from this, because it applies to all emails, not just marketing ones

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