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The Buffer outdoor office - customer service Buffer style
The Buffer outdoor office – customer service Buffer style

Lots of interesting links below, across a whole host of subjects from SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), crypto-currencies, Minecraft and an amusing (inept) bank robbery.

Meet the Egyptian Repairman who outranked Google and doesn’t even know! – A lovely story about accidental SEO (optimisation is an understatement)
11 Things About The Apple Watch That May Surprise You – Content Loop – Some of these points are items to look out for in the next few years across other devices
How Big is Minecraft? Really, Really, Really Big – thanks to a colleague for pointing this out. Minecraft really is extraordinarily big

A Journey to the End of the World (of Minecraft) – The New Yorker – Referenced in the article above, this is a charity event based on Minecraft, which has raised over $66,000 so far
Banking innovation in Silicon Valley – a simple Slideshare describing which banks have a presence in Silicon Valley
What I Learned Doing Customer Support Exclusively For a Week – a. I like Buffer, and b. I always ask customer service staff to attend our customer workshops – they are the absolute coalface of a company
Google Cloud Platform Blog: Pay Less, Compute Moore – An official blog post from Google about how their pricing model follows Moore’s law. Exceptional, bizarre and disruptive.
CoinCreator – We used this site to simplify (and speed up) our own Cryptocoins. Yes, Bradboxcoins are available for sale to anyone who wants to buy them (for real currency)
mining – Bitcoin-Qt & setgenerate true – Bitcoin Stack Exchange – Useful when you start using Coincreator
Finextra: Finextra news: Cash overtaken by non-cash payments in the UK – “a quarter of all cash payments made by consumers are for less than £1” – so is it the end of the world if those are 25% of the remaining coin transactions?
Finextra: Finextra news: Barclays ditches dot com in favour of proprietary domains – My first thought is “Why?” and I’m still not past that yet.
How to mint your own virtual money – BBC News – if you don’t want to go to CoinCreator (see above), well this article gives a good description of the process of creating your own Cryptocurrency
A Bitcoin Technology Gets Nasdaq Test – Interesting article about NASDAQ using Blockchain
Data as a public asset | Government Digital Service – An open article (well, it’s a public blog post) about the UK Government’s first Chief Data Officer, and what his role entails

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