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Netflix share price - first 3 weeks of 2015. Break open the champagne as thousands cut their [TV] cables
Netflix share price – first 3 weeks of 2015. Break open the champagne as thousands cut their [TV] cables
Here are the interesting web articles I’ve read over the last couple of weeks:
Can I Stream.It? – Almost the EPG (Electronic Programme Guide) of legal streaming sites.
BBC News – Windows 10 to get ‘holographic’ headset and Cortana – Windows 10 looks great and this is one of the best descriptions of forthcoming Microsoft products (excluding Office, Sharepoint, development tools…).
Davos 2015: The university of the future – Some good thoughts on the future of universities, even if it’s a somewhat biased article.
10 Innovation-Killing Phrases That CIOs Should Refute – A great resource to dip into when necessary.
BBC News – Netflix shares jump 12% on growing global membership – Glad I bought some shares six months ago. Seriously though, Netflix has become synonymous with legal movie streaming.

Finextra: Financial institutions join record-breaking bitcoin funding round – If I was a conspiracy theorist, I’d say it was more than a coincidence that Bitcoin significantly dropped in value before financial institutions took it seriously.
The Netflix Tech Blog: Chaos Monkey Released Into The Wild – I’ve read a lot about Chaos Monkey and how it’s designed to proactively avoid hosting and application problems by simulating extreme hosting issues. It’s now open source.
Finextra: USAA to roll out voice and facial authentication for mobile log-in – authentication and identity are fascinating areas at the moment. We’re in a non-standardised land-grab period.
Future imperfect: A UK broadband retrospective | The Register – Well written article reminiscing about dial-up, dial-up broadband and modern broadband.
Projects | Arup Foresight – Lots of thought-provoking, well written reports on the future of… just about everything. I’ll keep it as a resource for future work.
cluetrain (@cluetrain) | Twitter – I like Doc Searls and this Twitter feed contains some interesting links relating to the Cluetrain Manifesto. Big Datastillery.pdf – This infographic has appeared several times on social media because it covers everything to do with analytics that most organisations need.
How to – Insurance & Social Intelligence: 6 Steps To Refine Your Product Development Strategy – Talkwalker – A study into listening to social networks for insurance product development. The insurance industry is far behind in this type of thinking and this is a great introductory paper.
Finextra: North American banks disillusioned with big data analytics – Aite survey – A rather simple, dramatic account of big data in banking, but it got me thinking about a few areas.

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