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Here’s a site that uses a neat mapping tool, probably the best one I’ve seen for a while:

Unfortunately it’s limited to central London at the moment, but the reason I like the site:

  1. It’s very easy to use – setting up a ‘new’ map takes a minute 
  2. The end user navigation is excellent – I set a map up for our London office ( and it’s really easy to use – with all the various ‘panels’ around the screen. 
  3. The design is nice – I don’t know who did the mapping (it doesn’t look like Bing or Google). 
  4. The concept is pretty neat, of creating a map based on a central location (like the Endava office, or say, Madame Tussaud’s).

Things that they need to work on:

  1. The prices don’t seem particularly great!
  2. The speed of retrieving the costs need to be quicker.

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  1. We use HotelMap for our London events – our delegates love it. Not sure I agree with you about prices – it may be London that is expensive and from our experience HotelMap is at least as good and the next guy when it comes to prices – and more importantly at least we are no longer forced to provide our guests with inflated corporate rates.

  2. used hotelmap for booking and had to cancel afterwards. i am still waiting for the credit on my credit card – its been over 10 business days and nothing – i am tired of getting the same robotic response from these guys ‘i’ll look into it’…

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