Screens appearing literally everywhere

This video has been trending on YouTube recently – it’s five months old and has been watched over 14 million times. It’s a glass company which is theorising on the future of glass based appliances.

In so far as the video itself is concerned, it clearly cost a lot of money to shoot. Whether it was shown on television I’m not sure – putting it on YouTube and getting an audience of 14 million is worth a lot of media spend.

If the possibility of accepting meeting requests before you’ve washed your face in the morning is appealing, you’ll love this video:

7 thoughts on “Screens appearing literally everywhere

  1. It was the Outlook invite before washing her face that got me! And when was the last time you saw someone wave enthusiastically on a video conference call?!!

  2. I love the idea of a globally connected environment.I just have to questioned how long this will actually take to become a reality. The biggest question for me is the Software integration of all the different systems.

  3. Jesus V: The integration is already happening at the moment… look at Skype and Facebook; Facebook and the F8 components; Web services; the list goes on. I’m not trivialising the integration – I’m just pointing out that there are more open systems now than ever before.

  4. It’s the technology integration that makes it more difficult to realise. Imagine all those different interfaces having to integrate together seamlessly especially with the countless times NFC was used to transfer between phone and table. The truth is with all that technology I’d never make it to work, I’d be too busy playing

  5. Max – yes, they’ll definitely need to have NFC running much faster than Bluetooth! The iPhone and iPad integration is much quicker though (I’m thinking of some games where they work together nicely), and isn’t a million miles away from the demo video here. But the distractions… I’d never do anything constructive!!!

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