Screenshot-ing tall web pages


It’s the simple things in life that are often the most difficult.

Recently I needed to take a screenshot of a web page which covered two or three screens in height. Usually I press the ‘Print Screen’ keyboard button and join them together in Paint or Photoshop, but this is so time consuming I wanted to find a utility that can do it for me.

After several unsuccessful (but all promising) trials, I found the poorly named Fireshot Pro. I’m sure I once owned a joystick on my Commodore 64 with the same name, but I digress…

Fireshot captures ‘tall’ web pages (and other screenshots) to files, the clipboard, printer, email, pretty much anywhere you want really. Personally I highly recommend installing the Chrome plugin if you like the same browser.

You can download plugins for loads of other browsers too – I’m sure there’s one for the Commodore in there somewhere.

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