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I had a new hard drive installed in my laptop this week and when I re-synced my iPhone I lost all my MP3s.

I don’t understand how Apple can produce such a great phone, with great synchronisation with a number of computers, but be so damn awful with keeping my music catalogue together. That’s my frustration over and done with.

I decided once and for all to upgrade/buy Spotify so that I can use it on my phone. I’ve used Spotify regularly on my laptop and home PC (I should enter an award for the most varied music styles in a single playlist) for ages and even before wiping my iPhone, it was frustrating only have a couple of dozen, old MP3s available on the phone.

In fact Spotify is so good that I’m considering changing our in car stereo to one that accepts a line-in (i.e. from the headphone socket in the iPhone) rather than an iPhone specific connection – to make it futureproof.

A major advantage of the iPhone app is that it downloads the music to your phone rather than streaming it – which means you can carry on listening without an Internet connection.

The one remaining issue in the house is that with the kids starting to get MP3 players of all shapes and sizes (and budgets), Spotify is only useful to my wife and I. The kids still require me to buy MP3s for their devices.

We think of music as ultra portable nowadays, but in reality, compared to records, tapes and CDs from the past, you can’t swap music as easily as you used to, when music really was social!

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