The anatomy of a fan: using big data to personalise the event experience, Tim Abraham from Xaxis

These notes are from the adtech London exhibition in September 2013. Apologies for any brevity, grammar or spelling mistakes, I did the best I could! Here is a full list of all my presentation notes from adTech London 2013.

Does Big Data still rely on human consumption?
Does Big Data still rely on human consumption?

The first presentation I went to at adtech London today was Tim Abraham from Xaxis, a company specialising in Big Data.

The earliest example, the Doomsday book in 1086 with 13,418 records facilitating taxation! (My note: Did it take 1,000 years to forgive Big Data for this?!!@!)

Facebook now process over 500Tb of data daily

Organisations think more about optimising campaigns rather than just the media buying process

Big data provides granular information to enable estimation

Simple dashboards = big impact

Simple dashboards=big impact
Simple dashboards=big impact

Often, the insight from big data is difficult to action which creates a value vacuum and a question over Big Data projectas

In the future, Big Data will get bigger (more important), however scale alone won’t drive results. It’s all about enough data at the right time.

Here is a full list of my presentation notes.

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