The future: Sidecars, Commodores, Camping and Scalextric


On Wednesday, Commodore USA announced that they will be re-producing the Commodore C64. Essentially, Commodore USA has bought the rights to re-produce Commodore computers from the 1980s. Except the new Commodore’s have more processing power than the laptop I’m using to write this article (and my laptop is extremely powerful).

It’s interesting that as technology advances, we long for retro items. Don’t confuse this with everyone looking at ‘the old days’ with rose tinted glasses.

In a car park today I found the motorcycle and sidecar shown above. Two hours earlier my kids had been helping wash my 2009 motorcycle. It has huge amounts of technology such asride-by-wire throttle. Yet the kids were so interested in this 40 year old bike with a kick start.

Whilst the kids love to sit in front of the computer or our flatscreen TV at home – they love camping under canvas even more – to the point that when we were on holiday earlier this month we went camping (see the tepee image above). No electricity or laptop for a few days.

Not all retro things seem to go down well in our house. Our Scalextric only seems to come out a handful of times each year, which is a shame because 25 years ago I remember playing Scalextric after getting bored on my C64.


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