The Internet equivalent to keying a car

Well, clearly I’ve been upsetting a few people recently, because since yesterday this blog has been a victim of a DOS (Denial of Service) attack!

A DOS is the Internet equivalent to keying a car – pure hate, no ‘reward’ for the criminal, and just sucks up the victim’s time and resources for several days.

To help prevent DOS attacks, websites can use technologies such as CDN (Content Delivery Networks), such as Akamai. So if you go to a site such as FIFAManchester United or The R&A, you’re actually going to a server hosted by Akamai. And Akamai have literally hundreds of thousands of servers around the World, so they can handle the DOS attack. This is one of the reasons why their share price is doing so well.

With Akamai, the website pays for the data traffic, so during a DOS attack, huge amounts of data are served. So Akamai answer this by offering a ‘DOS insurance’ policy to mitigate the data costs during a DOS.

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