The perfect iPad


Twice this week I’ve been asked why I don’t have an iPad – once at work at once at home.

The answer is that until an iPad-style device can totally replace one of the things I have to carry around with me all the time, I’m not going to start carrying around another item.

At the moment I have to carry around a laptop, iPhone (with work email) and paper notepad.

All three items are under A4 size because I commute on a motorbike, and it needs to fit inside my bike tailpack.

Don’t get me wrong, I would love to be able to stop carrying around my paper notepad and laptop, and carry around a ‘slate’-style device instead.

My requirements for the device are for the power to last longer than my laptop (a couple of hours), and most importantly – handwriting recognition. I carry my paper notebook everywhere, and I find myself scanning notes and emailing them round to other people. I don’t want to sit there typing up my own notes, so scanning them is quicker.

What I need is the Newton… a device like the first iPad from 20 years ago, which had an excellent battery and handwriting recognition!

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