This week in New York

One World Trade CenterI’ve been visiting our New York office this week, and had the privilege to meet many interesting people and companies.

Key points that stuck out were:

  • The American Airlines flight to New York last Sunday had free Wifi access for the entire journey. It’s very strange being able to iMessage Mrs H and the kids from the aeroplane, including sending them photos along the journey. And in case passengers’ batteries ran low from too much texting and surfing, there was a 3 pin UK electrical socket on every seat.
  • Whilst in New York, the antenna was erected on top of the Freedom Tower (or more correctly known as One World Trade Center), where the World Trade Centers once stood. The antenna makes the building 1,776 feet tall, which is the tallest building in the Western world. It was a memorable experience seeing the spire about to be raised the height of the building draped in the American flag.
  • Free Wifi is still relatively rare. All Starbucks have free Wifi, and some of the larger stores (Bloomingdales, Target, etc.). Bloomingdales deserves an award for having the longest terms of service to use the free Wifi. I was in a hurry and so I just pressed Accept.
  • Watching Piers Morgan was interesting because he interviews his subjects from such a UK mindset, which seems to wind them up (especially anything to do with gun control). Watching Twitter while his show was on transformed it into almost comedy entertainment, with some funny comments targeting him from the UK and the US.
  • FourSquare is still going strong. I checked into a few places which had over 100 people currently checked in (over 150 at JFK airport).

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