This week’s email newsletters trend


This week I’ve received two email newsletters which have both directed me to a broken website when I’ve click on any link in the newsletter.

Email newsletters provide an intermediate website so that when a user clicks on a link, the email sending company can tell who clicked on which links, and provide the stats back to the brand that’s running a promotion. That’s all messed up if the email company’s website is down though, which seemed to be the trend this week.

The first company was an industry newspaper, so I wrote to the editor who replied within seconds to say she’d look into it. What’s the point of having journalists hit a deadline for the email newsletter, if no one can read/ get to the article?

The second company was a promotion from a vendor. They probably paid a reasonable amount of money for the email list and sending the newsletter, only for it to result in no click throughs.

At Endava we use ExactTarget for the majority of our clients’ emails (some clients choose their corporate or legacy vendors) and we’ve not seen this problem from them.

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