Top 10 favourite digital blogs

Photo by Tamás Mészáros

It’s time for my annual blog/ RSS feed clean up, and to share my preferred thought-provoking digital news feeds:

1. Chris Matts (The IT Risk Manager). Chris regularly updates his blog with practical advice for technology teams and senior managers such as “executives and transparency”, and he focusses his agile transformation articles on business managers rather than technology teams. That said, there are also a fair number of more technical articles about automated testing and development.

2. Doc Searls. Doc has several interests, mainly in privacy, photography and technology. Whilst I don’t agree with his extreme views on privacy and anti-advertising, his blogs and other feeds are very interesting to read occasionally.

3. Google Webmaster Blog. there are several skills everyone in the digital industry should have, and one of them is an overview of search engines and how they work. The search engines are the key footfall, entry point, gateway and provider of revenue to almost every digital company. Stay up to date with Google on this blog.

4. Government Digital Service. This well written blog keeps readers up to date with the enormous challenge of digitising the UK government processes. I find it interesting how the GDS does its work through stakeholder management, agile processes and excellent UX.

5. Information is Beautiful. The masters of data visualisations show their latest work on their blog. It’s just beautiful.

6. IP TV Times (Iolo Jones). Whilst Iolo comes across as negative about most companies, technologies and markets, his posts are insightful about the world of digital video and rights. Just try to look above the negativity (to emphasise my point, as I write this, there are two articles on the homepage called “Apple is Rotten” and “Another Rotten Apple”).

7. Newsonomics (Ken Doctor). Ken’s articles are detailed (read: “long”) and mainly about aspects of printed newspapers. His website is more like an analyst briefing centre than a blog or opinion piece. His content is well written, thoughtful and well researched.

8. Now & Next (Richard Watson). Richard Watson is a futurist and author that we’ve worked with a couple of times at Endava. He has a sense of humour regarding his job title and his predictions. He sometimes shares some of his professional assignments, which are often interesting.

9. Benedict Evans. I subscribe to all the above blogs via RSS, but I prefer to receive Benedict’s weekly email newsletter in its native form. It’s packed full of interesting links, opinions and statistics, and his preferred subjects are uncannily similar to mine.

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