UK media usage 2019 – still fascinated with TV

The latest Ofcom media report has been released, and here are some of the highlights:

  • On the BBC revenue: 20% of people don’t know how BBC TV is funded, over a third of people don’t know how the BBC website is funded, and almost half don’t know how BBC iPlayer is funded.
  • Almost a half of people don’t know how search engines make money, and 56% of people don’t know how YouTube is funded. (Answer: it’s owned by Google and has lots of video ads).
  • Incredibly, 31% of people don’t know how commercial TV is funded. (Answer: Adverts and sometimes subscriptions)
  • The social network unknowns: In socio-economic terms, why do 74% of the AB group have a social media profile, and for DE it’s only 56%? Yet C1 has the highest percentage of social media profiles. Also, “One in seven adults of working age in DE households do not use the internet, and when they do, one in five only go online via a smartphone.

And when designing digital services, it’s easy to forget how many people still aren’t online.

“It’s important to note that despite the omnipresent nature of the internet for many
UK adults, 13% of adults in the UK do not use the internet and this proportion has not
changed in the past four years. Understanding who these people are and why they are not
using the internet can highlight whether a section of UK society is being digitally left
behind, and what are the barriers to take-up. The proportion of adults who do not use the internet increases with age; until almost half of those aged 75 do not use the internet”

Ofcom media usage 2019
Us Brits still love our TV (for going online)

Whilst smartphone use is obviously increasing (no surprise), and computer use is falling (less surprise), TV is having a resurgence, with 20% of people choosing the largest format to go online – see the chart opposite.


The full report:

The slide pack:

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