Using YouTube Effectively

Well done to MotorCycleNews (MCN) on their efforts to step up the quality of their video production.

Regular subscribers to this blog will know that I am a big fan of high quality content, whether it’s written word or video. MCN’s paper coverage is a good standard, however it’s a major income source in the past has been it’s classifieds. With eBay stealing a large chunk of this, the paper’s classifieds section has become thinner smaller over the years. With the Internet, I would imagine that paper sales have been falling like other papers.

MCN have been producing their YouTube channel for sometime, but usually at an appalling, amateur standard – terrible sound and a single fixed camera.

Yesterday, they posted a video in excellent production quality, and the comments demonstrate this – the majority of them commenting on the production quality.

MCN top and tail their content with a promotion for their classifieds. It’s a first attempt at monetisation, but they should be extending this with captions and other YouTube functionality. As a regular reader, I wish them luck.

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