Weekly reading list – August

Facebook redefined the word friend in 2004
Facebook redefined the word friend in 2004

Fresh back from a summer holiday – well actually mine was a bit of a knackering washout really – here are some recommended web reading links.

I’ve also taken out a 12-week trial subscription to The Economist. Between reading one of the issues and a book at the moment, I can’t keep up. I struggle to reach half way through the magazine before another one arrives.

The quality, depth and opinion of the articles is top-notch. I’m not saying I always agree with the opinion, but the manner it’s conveyed is excellent.

From relationships to revolutions: seven ways Facebook has changed the world – Facebook has changed our lives, and I believe it’s mainly for the better. This article shows 7 key aspects (including mass employment). 

LUMA Partners » LUMAscapes – These infographics (LUMAscapes) appear in many presentations, and this page shows them all.

One login does it all – NemID – If you’re interested in online identity and didn’t know about NemID, have a look around this website

The Financial Services Club’s Blog: The One Chart you Need to Understand Fintech – I had been preparing a blog post about something very similar to this article. This really shows the power (and money) behind data monetisation

15 Fintech blogs for the summer… [Updated] – Yup, I agree with many of the blogs on that list

The Financial Services Club’s Blog: Can I borrow your phone? How mobile is changing the game – Excellent article about how personal the mobile phone has become

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