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Internet of Useless Things - well worth a quick read, even on the throne
The Internet of Useless Things – well worth a quick read, even on the throne

Here are the best articles that I’ve read during the last week:

Warc – Measurement issues hit TV– regular readers will know my frustration with measuring TV audiences. Their time has come, just as they are reporting a sharp decline in audiences. But in an industry based on advertising revenue, the measurement companies are being urged to create ways of showing increasing audience sizes. Bizarre but inevitable.
25 years of Photoshop | Adobe Photoshop 25th anniversary – This one made me feel old. Some beautiful imagery here.
Apple Pay is now the number one mobile payment solution at Staples – When reading any headlines about Apple Pay, remember that Apple Pay has paved the way for contactless technology in the US, which is still growing at a good rate here in the UK.
The Internet of Useless Things – I loved this (thank you Matt) from Rehab, who we’ve done some great work with at Endava.

Take note, it’s time to take notes – Find it frustrating when you’re in an important meeting and you are the only one taking notes? This is a good article from Richard Branson about note taking.
Doc Searls Weblog · Thoughts on tracking-based advertising – Here’s my latest clash with the excellent Doc Searls about advertising. I think users rely on it, he disagrees. I think it’s better to have targeted advertising than broadcast, un-targeted ads, he disagrees. Maybe one for a future blog post!
Cyber athletes see it coming – I updated this blog post when Vue announced it’s cinema in Fulham Broadway will be converted to an e-gaming arena. This is a fascinating industry to watch.
Xiaomi’s Mi Note Is A Great Phone You’ll Probably Never Get To Buy – Well written article on how one of the largest phone manufacturers in the World is likely to stick to Asia.
Warc – Facebook enters viewability debate – More on audience measurement. I guess when you are the biggest social network by some way, you can redefine some of the industry metrics.
Branding is Dead: Long Live Brand Experience – One of my favourite Slideshare presentations for months. Take 5 minutes to read through this one.
eap.bl.uk/downloads/guidelines_copying.pdf – Whilst researching digital archiving, I came across this best practice guide from the British Library.
The Apple Watch Won’t Be as Cool as Announced: Your Top Headlines for Wednesday | Isabelle Roughol – …and shares still rose after this article. I think Apple should start selling ‘air’ – they can do no wrong (pun intended).
Data | The World Bank – Some great data and graphs from The World Bank. You can easily lose your lunch time in here. And you can use the resources for commercial and non-commercial use.

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