What are the most popular cameras today?


I’ve always enjoyed photography and embraced digital photography as soon as it became affordable. I know own a pseudo-SLR camera – a Panasonic DMC-FZ18, and I’m proud of many of the photos I’ve taken in the last few years.

I used Flickr to store my best photos, both for archiving reasons and to show friends and family abroad. Flickr is a great website and one of its successes was “getting it right” so early on. It hasn’t changed very much in the last few years, which is a sign of how far ahead of it’s time it was.

Flickr provides a raft of analytics to premium members, showing all sort of visitor information of them people who have looked at your photos.

One of the publicly available reports is the popular camera model graph. What’s interesting about the graph is how quickly camera phones have replaced “traditional digital” cameras, and how quickly they’ve done so.

The most common camera in use by Flickr users is an Apple iPhone 4S. Until recently, the second most common camera was the Apple iPhone 4! I suspect it’s only dropped in the rankings recently because users are migrating over to the 4S or even the iPhone 5.

During the Olympics this year I was amazed how many spectators were taking photos after the athletics with iPads and iPhones. One would have expected that attending the World’s premier sporting event would warrant dusting off a camera to get the best possible photos, but the majority of those spectators on television had different views (no pun intended).

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