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Yesterday, as an experiment one of the guys in the office, Ben, setup a Yammer account for our company.

Yammer is like a private version of Twitter – so the public can’t see any messages, and you can only invite people on the same email domain (in our case @endava.com). Yammer shows messages in an easier to read ‘thread style’ rather than just sequential list.

There is also a mobile app, which I haven’t installed yet, and a desktop app written in Adobe AIR – that needs a lot more work to make it useful and/or intuitive.

So once Ben created the account, he invited a few more people. In turn they then invited a few more.

Within 24 hours, there were 49 people on the network, with 25 having signed up.

The communication through Yammer has flowed endlessly during work hours, and even the usually anti-or-don’t-understand-Twitter people have been contributing.

In summary, Yammer is like an electronic version of a water cooler/coffee machine. It’s much more open and collaborative than Skype or other IM products, so communication travels much quicker. Personally I find it much more useful as a business tool than Twitter. For people working from home (which many of the 25 contributors have been), it looks like it could be pretty useful.


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  1. We are still using Yammer. It seems to go in peaks and troughs – users tend to join in batches rather than a smooth adoption rate. And the number of messages is the same.

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